Help HEYMAN! Reach it’s Goal and Bring Back The Anonymous Rainbow Back For Another Year.

This isn’t poetry related, but it is art related, and relevant in that it’s a cause I think some of our readers can really get behind: 

Heyman Pride is a wonderful annual public art project by HEYMAN! Productions. Every year for the last few years they walk in the Cleveland Pride parade at the end of the parade, with rainbow Guy Fawkes masks covering their faces, passing them out to people watching and inviting people to join them in marching making for a massive amount of people on the ass end of the parade showing their love and support for the cause and having a blast.

 1 Last year they ran out of 100 masks in just the first few minutes. This year, their going bigger. 1 out out of every 10 masks this year will have a a unique design like so:

I know you’re thinking “wow, that’s fucking cool”. Yes, it is. The problem is that they need your help to keep this going. The Kickstarter created to fund this project is quickly running out of time and if it doesn’t get funded, this unique annual interactive art project may not get to happen this year. Now that you know this exists, do you really want to live in a world without it? I sure don’t. Please consider donating. All the money goes to supplies to make these masks. It’s a labor of love, and nobody is making any money.



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