“Friday Night Writes” by Shawn King

“Friday Night Writes”

In the last ten months since I have started regularly attending poets hall there have been some really awesome open mics. Last Friday night was featured by local poet Greg Brown. He kicked things off with his own awesome brand of poetry, which I would describe as down to earth and life oriented. He did a series of poems that were tied together with the theme of breathing. I had heard some of these before, and to match my memory they were very strong. His entire set was very strong, but then at the end using some self-deprecating humor he joked about how the following poem might not be very good. It was untitled and the perfect way for him to end his set on a resounding high note. I heard several very good poets boisterously voice their enthusiasm for his reading of the untitled piece as soon as he finished.

Their seems to be this effect at Poets Hall where the open mic fuels the feature to step their game up, but last Friday I think Greg Brown going first flipped the script. He nailed his reading perfectly in my opinion, and we had a full cast of awesome poets to continue the energy into the open mic. Two entertaining acoustic musicians opened the night, and I followed with my long time friend Eric Larson. I have no idea honestly how I read, but it was very awesome to read on stage with my friend playing guitar. I have gone and watched him play probably a hundred times out and about Erie in various bands he has been a part of. Sean Thomas Dougherty was up right after me. This was incredible for me, I had that energy in me that you get right after you read, and then a poet I look up to and literally learned from followed. The rest of the night was crammed full of strong poets. All five of the community poetry laureate nominees as well as Tracie Morell and Bigg Wash read during the open mic. It was an incredible evening, and I highly recommend that anybody who has not attended an evening at the Erie Poets Hall should do so in the near future.

A great opportunity to get out to the hall would be next Friday May 30th.  My partner in crime here at Destination Detour, Josh Romig, is going to be having his second feature at Poets Hall. I will say that  Josh is very entertaining and a very strong writer.  If you have the time you should come check him out next Friday.


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