Featured Poem 001: Journey by Shwan King

Shawn King is a poet from Erie, PA. he describes himself as a “Writer, Blogger, Poet, Redneck art Douche Turned Crippled explorer. Survivor, Feminist, Gamer, Crafter of stars, Molder of minds. Breeder of ideas. Pursuer of Beauty. ”

You can find out more about Shawn and his writing on his blog:

Destination: Detour is a Poery Podcasting Project set to be posted will be posted weekly on this youtube channel (once we get up and running). It’s about everything poetry related.

Our purpose is to get lost on purpose. We will do everything – from reviews, showcases, and critiques to meandering discussions about genre, theme, and the writing process. We even plan on reaching out and collaborating on community projects with the audience. Everything is in the air and on the table.

This is a little sample of what we’re going to be bringing you.

Interested in being on Destination:Detour?

Send an mp3 (no more than 4 minutes long) of you performing an original piece as an attachment to destinationdetourpoetry@gmail.com

Include in the body of the email a written copy of the poem (to be published on the blog), and a short bio (100 words maximum) that should include information about where to find you online. Looking forward to seeing my inbox filling up.

Also, in the body of the email, let us know if you are submitting work to be featured (stand alone, no commentary – like this video), reviewed (commentary, but no criticism), or critiqued (the work will be coupled with constructive criticism as well as commentary).

Good luck!


Feature Poem 001: Journey by Shawn King

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