Co-Laboratory: The Leaf by Shawn King and JM Romig

Writing is often seen as a lonely solitary art from. But not here in The Destination: Detour CoLaboratory. The CoLab is where we create works in a live, active, conversational way. It’s a different approach to writing that throws out the dusty idea that writers have to be secluded and alone to create.  

This time around we got a bit inspired by this painting by Erie Artist, Kirsten Bole,:the leafand we just got on a roll. The end result was this:

The Leaf

Shawn King and JM Romig

The waitress here looks more like the idea of a waitress.

The drinks,
like the idea of alcohol – of spirits.

The smoke, ephemeral  
leaving behind nothing

but tasteless, odorless, ideas of filling space

with something that used to be,  

potential that could not be.

Emaciated ghosts of ideas, trudge through

the smoke, like the faces of our ancestors

whose feet are blackened from traveling

this rutted, ruined path.

As I wait, the idea of a clock
quietly pushes back the future, my fate

fingered on a steamed window,
The Leaf promises

to end my pedestrian existence.  

Here so many of my grand ideas have come,

and here they have perished.  
Tonight this has

to end. My life

long wasted dreams.

This rusted rouge world, promising me

a space where my aspirations could flourish,

my goals could mate with my dreams.  

But all that has come is waiting.

I fear that waiting is all that will come.

This unfinished novel,
this extended pause

an eternalized moment
this line break

…a slow-burning Leaf


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The music you hear in this video is “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie used under Creative Commons.


Episode 4: “Trains, Chainsaws, and Beards, Oh My!” – Interview with Wess “Mongo” Jolley


Trains, Chainsaws, and Beards, Oh My! All on today’s episode of Destination: Detour.

In this episode, Mongo of Indiefeed fame stops by via Google Hangouts to talk about his role in P4 (The Performance Poetry Preservation Project) and a bit about how the Inidefeed Performance Poetry Channel got started.

To learn more about P4 visit

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Call For Submissions: “A Boy Leaves Home / A Stranger Comes to Town”

This is a public call for submissions for Destination: Detour.

Prompt: “There are only two stories: A Boy Leaves home / A Stranger Comes To Town”.

Send submissions to with the Subject line reading: “Boy/Stranger Prompt – Author Name”.

In the body of the email include short bio and a link to where people can find you online.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!

– JM Romig

Colaborative Lab Test Run: Scene-By-Scene Poem


We’re starting this new thing in DD, where we use Hoogle Gangouts to live stream the creation process. In these segments, Shawn and I (occasionally assisted by Guests of the show) will live  create and edit poems/flashfiction based on different prompts. These prompts come in various shapes and sizes, from image macros we find on Reddit, to a 30 second clip of a song we heard on the radio. Anything that inspires can become fuel for creation. This is what came out of our unrecorded test session:

Co-Lab 001:

Seen by Scene I
JM Romig and Shawn King

Deafening stillness suffocates
the room.  Pouring emptiness out
from my eyes . Dry-heaving
onto my blank page.
Self-editing the script
nobody will follow. My unwritten, untitled, autobiology
could be mistaken for a blood stain on my living –
room carpet.

Chemicals could be used to strip away the mildew,
that is a thin veneer covering
the frail humanness of this
too still, breathless room.

I want to scream,
to act in a way that will break
the monotonous
but, frameless,
and wordless
I float, in otherness,

Outside of it all –
sits the Other,
unaware of my metaphysical quandary.
Unaware of me, the other side of the veil.
The forgotten spend their energy grasping for the unattainable,
each interminable moment of eternity.


Writing 101: Measuring Your Success

The Daily Post

Before Writing 201 gets underway on Monday, we thought we’d take a look back at 101. You were a prolific bunch, and seeing just how much you accomplished feels great and an is excellent way to get motivated for 201.

*Blogging U. challenges are open to everyone including self-hosted, Tumblr, and Blogger bloggers, who we can’t analyze.

Ready for some numbers? During Writing 101, the 1275 bloggers we’re able to track* got nearly half a million pageviews — 442,717 to be precise — and were responsible for:


This comes from your publishing 66% more posts than you did pre-Writing 101 — 92% of you posted twice as much. Not too shabby, considering that the main goal of Writing 101 was simply to help you develop a regular writing habit, whether you chose to publish your writing or not!

And what about your individual blogs? When we took a look at Writing 101 participants’ blogs in the month…

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Destination Detour Episode 3: Feature – “Moon Animals” by Collin Wadeson

Collin Wadeson responded to our call for Submissions on Reddit and send us with wonderful little gem. At first all we knew about him was that he was from England.

Collin ended up writing us back, but we still did not get much in the way of information. He’s 33 and is from Oxford, England. He studies English Literature and Critical Practice at Ruskin College.

Featured here is his poem “Moon Animals”.

Destination: Detour Episode 2 – JM Romig


In todays episode, the DD crew discusses the work of its own co-host, JM Romig.

Shawn and Josh talk about women, metaphors, cougars, and the separation of art from the artist.

Leave a comment below, let us know what you think about today’s episode, and what you’d like to see if future episodes of Destination: Detour.

You reminded me of who I was, always will be, and never want to be again… By JM Romig

OR “A Poem to Poetry Written By My Former Selves”

I left you
scrambled on the wall
naked for all to see.

I called you art,

but you were only brutality
only an ill-informed and
un-formed mess of ideology –
only the reaction of little boy
to a trainwreck life.

I won’t say the word regret,
because I don’t
I won’t say the word sorry
because I’m not.

I will say that with age comes perspective
and with perspective
comes introspection and —

well, we’ve all had too much of that today.