Colaborative Lab Test Run: Scene-By-Scene Poem


We’re starting this new thing in DD, where we use Hoogle Gangouts to live stream the creation process. In these segments, Shawn and I (occasionally assisted by Guests of the show) will live  create and edit poems/flashfiction based on different prompts. These prompts come in various shapes and sizes, from image macros we find on Reddit, to a 30 second clip of a song we heard on the radio. Anything that inspires can become fuel for creation. This is what came out of our unrecorded test session:

Co-Lab 001:

Seen by Scene I
JM Romig and Shawn King

Deafening stillness suffocates
the room.  Pouring emptiness out
from my eyes . Dry-heaving
onto my blank page.
Self-editing the script
nobody will follow. My unwritten, untitled, autobiology
could be mistaken for a blood stain on my living –
room carpet.

Chemicals could be used to strip away the mildew,
that is a thin veneer covering
the frail humanness of this
too still, breathless room.

I want to scream,
to act in a way that will break
the monotonous
but, frameless,
and wordless
I float, in otherness,

Outside of it all –
sits the Other,
unaware of my metaphysical quandary.
Unaware of me, the other side of the veil.
The forgotten spend their energy grasping for the unattainable,
each interminable moment of eternity.



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