Destination Detour Family

A thing made
with a love for wonder
and a lust for wandering.
It is primarily about poetry
and those who write it
but when it is not,
it is about everything else
and nothing at all


JM Romig (Producer/Writer/Host)
Writer, Blogger, Poet, English Major, Spoken Word Artist,
Storyteller, Semiprofessional Wannabe Know-it-all Smartypants,
Post-Postmodern-Neo-Retro-Industrial-Beatnik, Oxford comma user,
Male Feminist, Reddit Lurker, Rap Enthusiast, Street Scholar, and
Co-founder of Beautiful Blasphemy.

Shawn King (Writer/Host)
Writer, Blogger, Poet, Redneck art Douche
Turned Crippled explorer. Survivor, Feminist,
Gamer, crafter of stars, molder of minds.
breeder of ideas. Pursuer of Beauty.

Dean Hayes II (Artist/Founder & Head of ArtMORE/Co-Host of The Sidetrack)

Often thought of by others as a Fucked up, Creepy, Twisted, Sick-Minded Instigator.
In actuality, he just doesn’t flow with the social norm.
He thinks no topic, however disturbing,  politically incorrect, or sickening
is taboo for conversation and consideration
and often enough, perhaps, some experimentation…
Featuring Graphic design by Aaron Shinkle


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